Black Robin Gin, 700ml

Black Robin


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Tasting Notes:

Black Robin Gin is an international award winning super premium gin that is hand crafted in New Zealand.

Derived from whey, Black Robin Gin is batch distilled 5 times in a copper reflux still and infused with a combination of 10 exotic botanicals and locally sourced horopito, one of the world's most ancient flowering plants.

Sourced from a nearby spring, Black Robin Gin is blended with pristine NZ spring water that is filtered 5 times and UV treated. There are no additives, sugars, softeners or preservatives in this pure gin.

With a spicy citrus flavour, Black Robin Gin offers an exceptional delicacy and balance that creates a mellow texture and a refreshing fragrance that is both elegant and refined. A truly rare gin.

Black Robin Rare Gin is inspired by the endangered and extremely rare black robin (Petroica traversi) native only to the remote Chatham Islands, a percentage of profits from each bottle sold goes to support Forest & Bird to help protect NZ's native species and wild spaces.

A rare bird, a rare gin - and a rare opportunity to drink responsibly and help save this endangered species from extinction.

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